Monday, March 7, 2011

My Little Knight!!

So here I am again. How have you been? I hope good :)

Yesterday, we (actually my sister) found a cute little puppy. We were on a trip to my native place and my sister saw two boys leaving this puppy on street. She asked them if they were leaving him and brought it home. It was injured and hungry. But he is still very cute looking. He is all white with only one black spot which is his nose :)

We took him to pet care today. Got him medically treated and since then we are watching him sleep, eat, play. Though he is fighting and recovering from his injuries, he is quite playful. It's a delight to watch him. I wish we can return the same love and joy to him which he has given us in such a short time..

P.S: Will upload some snaps later :P

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