Monday, March 7, 2011

My Little Knight!!

So here I am again. How have you been? I hope good :)

Yesterday, we (actually my sister) found a cute little puppy. We were on a trip to my native place and my sister saw two boys leaving this puppy on street. She asked them if they were leaving him and brought it home. It was injured and hungry. But he is still very cute looking. He is all white with only one black spot which is his nose :)

We took him to pet care today. Got him medically treated and since then we are watching him sleep, eat, play. Though he is fighting and recovering from his injuries, he is quite playful. It's a delight to watch him. I wish we can return the same love and joy to him which he has given us in such a short time..

P.S: Will upload some snaps later :P

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Unfortunately I don’t have any idea about how to start. Though I have finally started my own blog after years of thinking I still don’t have any clue about what I am going to write.

So now when I have started let me introduce myself. I am crazy somewhat stupid but not dumb and moody girl, working as software engineer. I love to read anything rarely technical stuff about my work :P.. I have a compulsive urge to procrastinate anything that I have to do. In a way I am like most of the people out there but still want to be unique.

So, why I chose this day to start my blog? Even after everyone gave me enough inspiration and encouragement to start my blog, I never did it. Today one of my friend asked me about my new year resolutions and I suddenly said “I will start my blog this year”. Now here I am typing it.

In my blog I am not planning to influence people or tell them anything technical. Topics in the blog will be purely decided and will be based on events happened in my life, around me and what I want to share with you guys. All I want to do is to express myself through this medium. I am bad at it in real life and when I express myself it confuses the listener..I hope I will get over it and do better.

Finally, I would like to tell you about the blog name. It has got lot of meanings. Ayana for me means “Journey of Life”. I hope you will join my journey of life through this blog. Wish you all a very happy new year and happy blogging to me!